Lab Director (CV)

Bio: I am an incoming Lecturer of Psychology (Assistant Professor equivalent) at the University of Edinburgh. I received my BA from Colgate University and my Ph.D. from Yale University in social and personality psychology. Outside the lab, I enjoy biking and reading fantasy, sci-fi, and philosophy. 

Sofía Briones

Lab Research Coordinator

Bio: I am a Post-Bac researcher at UNH. I graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Psychology and hope to one day pursue a Ph.D. in either clinical or social psychology. In my free time, I enjoy running around the rugby pitch, baking little treats, and reading as much as possible.

Research Interests: My work in the Human Diversity Lab at Princeton explored how individuals spontaneously perceive and categorize one another along the social dimension of gender and how this seemingly crude perceptual process may be influenced by an individual's unique conceptual priors. This research was motivated by a desire to explore how social knowledge and lived experience shape one-to-one human perception experiences, with the hope of identifying mechanisms that can help mitigate certain gender biases early on in the perception process. I am excited to continue exploring "social vision" and theories related to social categorization/person perception at the BIAS lab in the coming year!  

Trish Burkins

Ph.D. Student

Bio: I'm a Ph.D. Student in social psychology at UNH, working with Dr. Bailey in the BIAS Lab. Originally from Middlebury VT, I graduated from Ithaca College in 2021 and decided to continue my education to conduct research and become a professor. I love painting, games, and meeting new people!

Research Interests: My work at Ithaca College focused on motivation and well-being, particularly on self-determination theory and regulatory focus theory. My current work in the BIAS lab is investigating the interaction between gender, androcentrism, and personhood, with further research into the mechanisms behind this interaction currently on the horizon. In the future, I also plan to explore the connection between essentialism (biological and value-based) and views towards transgender people, possibly to uncover mechanisms that could be used in interventions.

Research Assistants

Sadie Chaffin

Junior in Psychology & Justice Studies 

Paige Kaufman

Sophomore in Psychology & Neuroscience

Abigail Michaels

Junior in Psychology & Classics

Natalie Wagner

Junior in Psychology

Stefan Nevajdic

First-year in Psychology 

Abbie Tawalujan

Sophomore in Psychology & Coaching Studies 

Lab Affiliates and Collaborators

Sophie Arnold

Graduate Student in Cognitive & Developmental Psychology 


Dr. Sam Carton 

Assistant Professor in Computer Science


Dr. Andrei Cimpian

Professor in Cognitive & Developmental Psychology


Dr. Joanna Demaree-Cotton

Research Fellow in Moral Psychology


Dr. Robin Dembroff

Assistant Professor in Philosophy 


Nich DiMaggio

Graduate Student in Behavioral Science

UChicago Booth

Dr. Jack Dovidio

Professor in Developmental Psychology


Ingrid Friedman

Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology


Shan Gao

Graduate Student in Social Psychology

University of Hawaii

Dr. Adriana L. Germano

Assistant Professor in OB

Yale SOM

Dr. Elif G. Ikizer

Assistant Professor in Social Psychology

UW-Green Bay 

Dr. Joshua Knobe

Professor in Philosophy


Dr. Jonas Kunst

Professor in Social Psychology

University of Oslo

Maya Kreitman

Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology


Dr. Benedek Kurdi 

Assistant Professor in Social Psychology


Rachel Leshin

Graduate Student in Social & Developmental Psychology


Aashna Poddar

Graduate Student in Cognitive & Developmental Psychology


Dr. Andrea Vial

Assistant Professor in Social Psychology

NYU Abu Dhabi

Dr. Adina Williams

Research Scientist 

Meta AI

Dr. Daniel Wodak

Associate Professor in Philosophy



Bio: Franklin grew up on the streets of NYC before being taken in by a kind stranger. Franklin then spent several months at a shelter before being adopted by Dr. Bailey. Franklin is the BIAS lab's unofficial mascot.

Interests: wand toys, pigeons, squirrels, and eating grass