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The BIAS Lab is currently recruiting undergraduate research assistants for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. Fill out this form if you are interested in getting involved with our research. We review applications on a rolling basis for upcoming opportunities. 

Prospective Ph.D. Students:

The BIAS Lab is currently recruiting incoming Ph.D. students for Fall 2024. Fill out this form if you are interested in applying and make sure to follow UNH graduate application standards found here

Apply by January 15th, 2024 to guarantee full consideration. For more information on research topics currently pursued, lab values, mentorship style, application process and funding information see the below Letter to Prospective PhD Students.

Other Inquiries:

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Our Values

In our lab, we investigate beliefs about important social identities. Through our research, we aim to reduce unfair social hierarchies and create a more inclusive, equitable society for all. We apply these values to our lab as well. We endeavor to create a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative environment embodying rigorous, ethical, and transparent research practices. We want people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences— including people of all gender identities, class backgrounds, sexual orientations, race/ethnicities, abilities, and religious beliefs—to feel valued and empowered to share their input on the challenging topics and societal issues we investigate. We are here to listen to students of all levels and support their research and career goals.